IT Support Services

Timely and affordable I.T. support. You can depend on DM I.T. to keep your business up and running.

Uptime is a critical driver in the success of today’s businesses. A minor technical issue can quickly result in frustrated employees and profit losses. DMIT strives to get you out of IT trouble fast – and keep you out of it. Not your regular tech guys, our caring and down-to-earth team creates meaningful and lasting relationships with our clients.

Onsite Support
Required when remote access is unavailable or physical repairs must be made. We always demonstrate a professional and courteous attitude in your workplace.

Remote Support
Helps you save time and money. Our dedicated techs will remotely connect to your computer and fix the problem while you watch. We won’t do anything without your permission and all communication is encrypted. Billed in ¼ hour increments, remote support is the economical way to get your IT headaches resolved.